A multi-layered wall that provides exceptional energy efficiency and moisture control, exterior insulation finish systems (EIFS) have quickly become a preferred choice of commercial and residential projects.  Less susceptible to cracking than traditional stucco, EIFS will give your property a clean, distinctive appearance that stands the test of time.

Why Use EIFS?

  • Enhanced waterproofing and drainage capabilities when compared to conventional stucco

  • Less likely to crack

  • Superior energy efficiency

  • Greater design versatility with a vast range of colours, textures, finishes, shapes, curves and details possible

EIFS Process

The EIFS process generally involves the following:

  • Insulation board secured to exterior wall  surface with adhesive or mechanical attachment

  • Water-resistant base coat applied over the insulation

  • Base coat is reinforced with fibre glass mesh for added strength

  • Durable finish coat,  that is both colourfast and crack resistant.

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